Equitiz: A Secure and Diverse Trading Platform
with Room for Automation

Secure & diverse trading platform, Equitiz, empowers traders with a wide asset range & user-friendly mobile app. Room for automation adds future potential.

Introduction: Taking Your First Step Towards True Financial Freedom

Are you tired of letting your financial future be dictated by others? Are you eager to seize control and make informed investment decisions? If so, look no further than Equitiz—a cutting-edge trading platform that empowers you to embark on a transformative journey towards financial freedom.

Equitiz is not your average web broker. We bring years of experience and expertise to the table, delivering a trading experience like no other. Our platform is designed to provide you with a secure and seamless trading environment, ensuring your digital assets are protected with military-grade encryption, advanced firewalls, and two-factor authentication.

But that's just the beginning. At Equitiz, we believe in empowering our traders with a diverse range of investment options. Whether you're interested in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, or other asset classes, our platform grants you access to a world of opportunities. It's time to expand your investment horizons and tailor your strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Moreover, we understand that each trader is unique, and that's why we've meticulously crafted a suite of account types to fit any trading style. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your investment journey, Equitiz has the perfect account for you.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to your success. We offer 24/5 multilingual customer support, ensuring you receive the assistance you need from real people. Our platform is easy to use, customizable, and equipped with real-time market data and comprehensive analysis tools to help you make well-informed trading decisions.

With Equitiz, you can trade with true freedom—whether you're on the go, at the office, or relaxing at home. Our award-winning mobile platform ensures you never miss an opportunity to capitalize on market trends.

Equitiz is your trusted partner for financial success. We prioritize security, customer service, and a diverse range of assets, making us the go-to destination for traders of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newcomer, we invite you to join us and unlock the true potential of your investments.

Take the first step towards true financial freedom with Equitiz. Your journey begins here.

Is Equitiz safe?

Absolutely! Safety and security are paramount at Equitiz. As a leading multi-asset trading platform, Equitiz takes the protection of your digital assets very seriously. With a range of robust security measures in place, you can rest assured that your funds and personal information are kept safe and sound.

Equitiz employs military-grade encryption to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. Our advanced firewalls act as an additional layer of defense against potential threats, providing you with peace of mind while conducting your trades.

Moreover, Equitiz implements two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra level of security to your account. This means that even if your login credentials were somehow compromised, a secondary authentication step would be required to gain access to your account, ensuring that only you can perform transactions.

Equitiz's commitment to your safety extends beyond digital protection. We partner with trusted and reliable financial institutions to handle transactions, ensuring that your deposits and withdrawals are processed securely and efficiently.

Rest assured that your digital assets are in safe hands with Equitiz. Our top priority is to create a secure and seamless trading environment for our users, allowing you to focus on exploring diverse investment options and taking control of your financial future.

Trading conditions

When it comes to trading conditions, Equitiz is dedicated to providing a superior and rewarding experience for traders of all levels. Our platform is designed with your needs in mind, offering a range of features and benefits that set us apart from the rest.

User-Friendly Interface for Effortless Trading: Equitiz boasts a user-friendly interface that makes trading a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, navigating the platform is intuitive and straightforward. You'll have access to real-time market data and advanced trading tools, empowering you to make informed decisions and execute trades with confidence.

Wide Range of Assets for Diversified Trading: At Equitiz, we believe in diversification, and our platform reflects that belief. You can explore and invest in a wide range of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex. With such a diverse selection, you can tailor your investment strategy to suit your financial goals and risk appetite.

Flexible Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Equitiz offers a seamless and flexible deposit and withdrawal process. Whether you prefer traditional methods like credit cards and bank transfers or want to utilize digital assets like Bitcoin, our platform accommodates your preferences. Managing your funds has never been easier.

Leverage and Margin Options for Optimal Trading: To enhance your trading potential, Equitiz offers various leverage and margin options. Leverage allows you to trade larger positions with a smaller initial investment, amplifying potential profits. However, it's essential to manage leverage responsibly, as it also increases the risk. Our platform provides you with the flexibility to choose the leverage that best aligns with your trading strategy.

24/5 Multilingual Customer Support: At Equitiz, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support. Our team of dedicated professionals is available 24/5 to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need assistance with technical issues or seek trading advice, our multilingual support team is here to help.

Award-Winning Mobile Platform for Trading on the Go: Trade with true freedom using our award-winning mobile platform. Equitiz's mobile app allows you to stay connected to the markets and execute trades from anywhere, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move. Benefit from real-time market data and a user-friendly interface, all at your fingertips.

Educational Resources for Empowering Traders: Equitiz is more than just a trading platform; we believe in empowering our users with knowledge. Gain access to an extensive library of free educational materials, including articles, tutorials, and videos, designed to enhance your trading skills. Stay informed with daily news updates, providing valuable insights for making well-informed investment decisions.

Trusted Broker Partners for Comprehensive Trading Services: To provide you with the best trading experience, Equitiz has partnered with top-tier brokers. These trusted partners offer competitive spreads, lightning-fast execution, and comprehensive market analysis. Whether you're interested in cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, or commodities, our broker partners provide the expertise and support you need.

In conclusion, Equitiz offers favorable trading conditions that prioritize your security, convenience, and success. With a user-friendly interface, diverse asset options, flexible deposit and withdrawal methods, and comprehensive support, Equitiz is the ideal platform to embark on a transformative investment journey.


Security is a top priority at Equitiz, and they go above and beyond to ensure the safety and protection of their users' assets and personal information. As a trader, knowing that your investments are in safe hands is crucial, and Equitiz takes this responsibility seriously.

Equitiz employs military-grade encryption to secure all data transmitted on the platform. This advanced encryption technology makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to access sensitive information, such as account details and financial transactions. With Equitiz, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your data is encrypted and protected from potential cyber threats.

In addition to encryption, Equitiz implements advanced firewalls that act as a protective barrier, safeguarding the platform from malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts. These firewalls are constantly updated and monitored to ensure they remain resilient against evolving cyber threats.

One of the standout features of Equitiz's security measures is their implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA). This extra layer of security adds an additional verification step when logging in, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access their trading accounts. With 2FA in place, even if someone gains access to your login credentials, they would still need the secondary authentication method to enter your account.

Moreover, Equitiz partners only with trusted and reputable financial institutions for handling deposits and withdrawals. This ensures that your funds are processed securely and efficiently, with the highest level of protection.

Beyond digital security, Equitiz emphasizes the importance of educating traders about security best practices. They provide users with valuable tips and guidelines on how to protect their accounts, such as using strong and unique passwords, being cautious with phishing attempts, and regularly updating account information.

Equitiz's commitment to security extends to their mobile platform as well. Their award-winning mobile app is designed with the same high level of security measures, allowing users to trade on the go without compromising safety.

In conclusion, Equitiz's dedication to security sets them apart as a reliable and trustworthy trading platform. With military-grade encryption, advanced firewalls, two-factor authentication, and a focus on user education, Equitiz ensures that your trading experience is not only seamless but also safe and secure.

Mobile Trading platform

Equitiz's mobile trading platform is a game-changer, offering traders the freedom to trade anytime, anywhere, with ultimate convenience. Whether you're on the go, at the office, or relaxing at home, the award-winning Equitiz mobile app ensures you never miss an opportunity to capitalize on market trends.

The mobile platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders of all levels to navigate and execute trades effortlessly. The intuitive layout provides quick access to real-time market data, allowing you to stay updated on the latest price movements and make informed decisions on the fly.

With Equitiz's mobile app, you have access to the same comprehensive trading tools and analysis as the desktop version. This includes technical indicators, charting tools, and market analysis, empowering you to conduct thorough research and develop effective trading strategies—all from the palm of your hand.

Real-time notifications keep you informed about critical market events and price movements, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity or risk event. You can set up personalized alerts for specific assets or market conditions, allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

One of the standout features of Equitiz's mobile platform is its lightning-fast trade execution. Instant order processing ensures that your trades are executed without delay, even in fast-moving markets. This swift execution can make a significant difference, especially during volatile trading periods.

The mobile app also provides seamless access to your account details, portfolio, and transaction history. You can manage your funds, deposit, and withdraw money on the go, making it convenient to stay in control of your financial transactions.

Furthermore, Equitiz's mobile trading platform is designed with security as a top priority. The same military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication used in the desktop version are also integrated into the mobile app, ensuring that your account and data remain safe and protected.

The Equitiz mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, catering to a wide range of users. It is available for download on respective app stores, and installation is a breeze.

In conclusion, Equitiz's mobile trading platform offers a seamless and secure trading experience on the go. With its user-friendly interface, real-time data, lightning-fast trade execution, and robust security features, the mobile app truly empowers traders to seize opportunities and make well-informed decisions anytime, anywhere.


When it comes to spreads, Equitiz strives to provide traders with competitive and favorable trading conditions. The spread is the difference between the buying (ask) and selling (bid) prices of an asset, and it plays a crucial role in the overall trading costs.

At Equitiz, you can expect tight spreads across a wide range of assets, allowing you to enter and exit trades with minimal cost. Tight spreads are especially beneficial for day traders and frequent traders, as they can capitalize on small price movements with reduced expenses.

Equitiz is committed to transparency, and you can easily access information about the spreads for different assets on their platform. The spreads may vary depending on market conditions and liquidity, but Equitiz ensures that they remain competitive to provide the best value to their traders.

Moreover, Equitiz offers various account types, each with its unique features and benefits. Higher-tier accounts may provide access to even tighter spreads, among other advantages, ensuring that traders can choose an account that aligns with their trading preferences.

In addition to tight spreads, Equitiz also prioritizes trade execution speed. With lightning-fast execution, you can enter and exit trades without delays, enhancing your overall trading experience.

It's worth noting that while tight spreads are important, traders should also consider other factors, such as leverage, account features, customer support, and the platform's reliability when choosing a trading platform. Equitiz excels in all these aspects, making it a well-rounded choice for traders of all levels.

In conclusion, Equitiz offers competitive spreads that contribute to a cost-effective trading experience. With their dedication to transparency, diverse account types, and fast execution, Equitiz is a platform that ensures traders have the tools they need to succeed.

The Pluses

Security: Equitiz prioritizes the safety of users' digital assets and personal information with military-grade encryption and advanced firewalls. The inclusion of two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, providing peace of mind for traders.

Diverse Asset Range: Equitiz offers a wide range of trading options, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex. This diverse asset selection enables traders to explore various markets and capitalize on different investment opportunities.

User-Friendly Mobile Platform: The award-winning mobile trading platform allows traders to access real-time market data and execute trades on the go. The user-friendly interface and fast execution make trading convenient and efficient.

Personalized Account Types: Equitiz caters to traders of all levels with a selection of personalized account types. From the Basic account for beginners to the VIP account for elite traders, each account offers unique features and benefits tailored to individual needs.

24/5 Customer Support: Equitiz provides excellent customer support, with a multilingual team available 24/5 to assist traders. Whether it's technical assistance or trading advice, the dedicated support team ensures a positive trading experience.

Educational Resources: Equitiz empowers traders with knowledge through a vast library of free educational materials, including articles and tutorials. Daily news updates keep traders informed about the latest market trends and insights.

Competitive Spreads: Equitiz offers competitive spreads, allowing traders to enter and exit positions with minimal costs. The transparent approach to spreads ensures fair and transparent trading conditions.

The Minuses

Limited Geographical Availability: Equitiz's services may not be available in all geographical regions, which could be a limitation for some potential traders.

Verification Process: While Equitiz's strict verification process is essential for security, some traders may find the initial verification steps slightly time-consuming.

Complexity for Beginners: Despite the user-friendly interface, the platform's comprehensive features may feel overwhelming for complete beginners in trading.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are seamless and hassle-free at Equitiz, reflecting the platform's commitment to providing a convenient and efficient trading experience for its users.

Deposits: Equitiz offers a variety of deposit methods, catering to the diverse needs of traders. You can fund your trading account using traditional payment methods, such as credit cards and bank transfers. Additionally, Equitiz embraces the future of finance and accepts digital assets like Bitcoin for deposits, allowing you to use the currency of your choice.

The deposit process is straightforward and user-friendly. Once you've logged into your account, you can easily navigate to the deposit section and select your preferred deposit method. Follow the provided instructions, enter the deposit amount, and initiate the transaction. Equitiz ensures that your deposits are processed promptly, so you can start trading without delay.

Withdrawals: Equitiz values the importance of easy and timely access to your funds. When it comes to withdrawals, the platform offers a similar level of flexibility. You can withdraw your profits and funds using the same methods available for deposits.

To initiate a withdrawal, simply navigate to the withdrawal section in your account and follow the provided instructions. Enter the withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction. Equitiz aims to process withdrawal requests promptly, ensuring that you receive your funds in a timely manner.

It's essential to note that for security purposes, Equitiz may require additional verification steps when processing withdrawals. This is to safeguard your funds and protect against potential unauthorized access.

In the interest of security and customer protection, Equitiz adheres to stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. As such, you may be asked to provide identification documents and additional verification information when making withdrawals. Rest assured that this is done to ensure the safety of your funds and maintain the platform's high standards of security.

In conclusion, Equitiz's deposit and withdrawal process is user-friendly, offering a range of payment options to suit individual preferences. With swift processing times and a strong emphasis on security and customer protection, Equitiz ensures that traders can conveniently manage their funds and focus on their trading journey.

Account Types

Equitiz understands that every trader is unique, and that's why they offer a carefully curated selection of account types to suit diverse trading styles and preferences. Whether you're a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of trading or an experienced investor seeking advanced features, Equitiz has the perfect account for you.

1. Basic Account:
The Basic account is ideal for those just starting their investment journey. With a minimum deposit of €250, you'll get a personal introduction session to the platform, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the features. Additionally, you'll have a 3-day trial of a managed account and benefit from zero withdrawal fees, providing you with a risk-free introduction to trading.

2. Silver Account:
The Silver account is designed for traders who want more personalized assistance and advanced features. With a minimum deposit of €5,000, you'll receive a meeting with a Certified Investment Planner (CIP), providing valuable insights into your trading strategy. Technical assistance is available 24/7, and you'll have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio in the commodity market. A monthly withdrawal at zero cost and a leverage of 1:25 are among the other attractive features of the Silver account.

3. Gold Account:
For traders looking for even more benefits and opportunities, the Gold account is an excellent choice. With a minimum deposit of €15,000, you'll receive two monthly meetings with a CIP, ensuring personalized guidance and support. Technical assistance is available round the clock, and you can diversify your portfolio across commodity and cryptocurrency markets. A monthly withdrawal at zero cost, a bonus of up to 50%, and a leverage of 1:25 are among the premium features you'll enjoy with the Gold account.

4. Platinum Account:
The Platinum account caters to experienced traders seeking exclusive advantages. With a minimum deposit of €100,000, you'll have monthly meetings with a CIP, providing expert insights and tailored strategies. You can diversify your portfolio across commodity, cryptocurrency, and stocks markets. A monthly withdrawal at zero cost, a bonus of up to 75%, and a leverage of 1:50 are among the features that make the Platinum account stand out.

5. VIP Account:
For elite traders who demand the utmost in service and features, the VIP account is the pinnacle of trading excellence. With a minimum deposit of €250,000, you'll receive monthly meetings with a CIP, ensuring personalized support and strategies tailored to your goals. Diversify your portfolio across commodity, cryptocurrency, stocks, and indices markets, and enjoy a monthly full-protection trade. A bonus of up to 100%, a leverage of 1:50, and a host of premium features make the VIP account truly exceptional.

Equitiz's diverse range of account types ensures that every trader can find an option that suits their trading needs and aspirations. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned pro, Equitiz has the perfect account to unlock your trading potential.


In summary, Equitiz is a leading multi-asset trading platform that empowers traders to take control of their financial future. With a strong emphasis on security, Equitiz ensures that users' digital assets are protected with military-grade encryption, advanced firewalls, and two-factor authentication.

The platform offers a diverse range of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex, allowing traders to explore and capitalize on various investment opportunities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, Equitiz has a suite of account types tailored to fit your trading style and preferences.

Equitiz's mobile trading platform is a game-changer, providing the freedom to trade on the go with a user-friendly interface and real-time market data. Traders can execute trades with confidence and stay informed about critical market events through real-time notifications.

Customer support is a top priority at Equitiz, with a 24/5 multilingual team available to assist users with any questions or concerns. Additionally, the platform provides free educational materials and daily news updates to empower traders with knowledge and insights.

Equitiz collaborates with top-tier brokers, ensuring competitive spreads, lightning-fast execution, and comprehensive market analysis. The platform's dedication to transparency allows traders to access information about spreads and trading conditions easily.

Deposits and withdrawals are seamless, with various payment options available, including credit cards, bank transfers, and digital assets. Equitiz processes withdrawals promptly, with added security measures to protect users' funds.

In conclusion, Equitiz offers a secure, reliable, and rewarding trading environment, making it the go-to destination for traders seeking true financial freedom. With its commitment to security, customer support, and a diverse range of assets, Equitiz empowers traders of all levels to unlock their full trading potential.